Exhibition Map

Exhibition Map

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Additional services

Additional services

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The Exhibition

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The Exhibition

EURONOISE 2018 will take place in Hersonissos Crete 27-31 May 2018 and it is expected to attract more than 600 scientists from all around the world. More than 630 abstracts are accepted for presentation already. An extended European Acoustics Exhibition, addressing all European providers of acoustic products, services and information will be hosted during the Conference. In this exhibition, companies, manufacturers, engineering service providers, research and administrative units, technical and scientific organizations and publishers will inform the participants about their newest results in research and development, about equipment and instrumentation, methods and software solutions and acoustic materials, as well as standards, guidelines and publications.

If you are interested in exhibiting at EURONOISE 2018, please check the map of the exhibition area. Choose your favorite booth among the available ones and proceed with the reservation.

Booths are available at the following dimensions and rates (VAT included):

6 m² (=3m x 2m) booth for 1.500 €
10 m² (=5m x 2m) booth for 2.150 
12 m² (=4m x 3m) booth for 2.500 €

Above Prices include the following services:

Construction of the booth with white panels
Frontal Panel with Exhibitor’s Name
Electrical supply up to 1500 Watt with a 3m extension cord (5 positions)
One table and two chairs (two tables and four chairs for the 12 m2 booth and two tables and three chairs for the 10 m2 booth)
Listing in the Program Book
Three copies of the Program Book
Free drinks
Sunday evening welcome reception
Free Wi-Fi access

Additional services can be ordered online using the electronic booth reservation form

Price list of additional services

Booth place availability

Available booths are marked as

Booth Nr
1 6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 €
2  6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 €  | SVANTEK
3 6m2 (3m x 2m)  1.500 €  | NTi Audio
4 6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 € | Ecophon
5  6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 €  | BSW GmbH
6 6m2 (3m x 2m)  1.500 €  | ALPHA ACOUSTIKI
7 6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 €
8  6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 € 
9 6m2 (3m x 2m)  1.500 € 
10 6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 €
11  6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 €  | Odeon A/S
12 6m2 (3m x 2m)  1.500 €  | Deshang Acoustics
13 6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 € | Soundplan GmbH
14  6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 €  | Wölfel Engineering GmbH + Co. KG
15 6m2 (3m x 2m)  1.500 €  | Norsonic AS
16 6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 € | Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S
17  6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 €  | Softnoise GmbH
18 6m2 (3m x 2m)  1.500 € 
19 6m2 (3m x 2m) 1.500 € | ROTHO BLAAS SRL
20  12m2 (4m x 3m) 2.500 €  | ACC D.PAPADOPOULOS & CO OE
21 12m2 (4m x 3m)  2.500 €  | GROUP SCIENCE
22 12m2 (4m x 3m) 2.500 € | HEAD acoustics GmbH
23  12m2 (4m x 3m) 2.500 € 
24 10m2 (5m x 2m)  2.150 € 
25 10m2 (5m x 2m) 2.150 € |  P.E. Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development Ltd
|  Infra-QSources
|  Eckel Noise Control Technologies

Legend: Available | Reserved | Reserved for sponsor | Pending payment

In order to reserve a booth a deposit of 50% of your order must be paid within three working days. After your payment is received you will receive an email confirming your reservation.
Cancellation of your order within 30 days from the date of your deposit payment is possible subject to € 100 penalty for handling services. After that date no refund is possible.

For more information or any inquiry related to the exhibition, please contact Dr. Panagiotis Papadakis, - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.